Michael Muzzin


Michael began at ITEX in 2001 working in a sales role for ITEX Corporation. In 2002 Michael became an ITEX broker and is now the leading ITEX Broker franchise office in Canada and sits second in all of North America. Michael has received many awards in the last 10+ years at ITEX, Master of Sales, Circle of Excellence and the rare, Presidents Club. Michael continues to dedicate his time and effort on constant growth for his ITEX Brokerage, both in New Client Enrollment and Transaction Trading between clients. He has been published in various consumer and business publications on the subject of barter. Michael has been featured in the Toronto Star, on CBC National Radio, CTV News, Biz TV and many more publications and news shows. Michael is also a regular speaker on barter and trade and rountinely can be found at networking events educating the public about ITEX and the tremendous benefits of barter. One of Michael's ongoing movements is for the continued exposure and promotion of barter as the essential tool for almost any business in today's society. "We bring customers and sales to our clients that other businesses don't get! We save our clients money by trading for a product instead of paying for it off their bottom line. I started at ITEX for one reason, to bring value and assistance to almost any business in the marketplace today. Our staff of expert professionals at ITEX Toronto are a dedicated, high-performing team with great chemistry and professionalism that's evident in all that we do everyday". A team is only as good as the players who are on it, ITEX Toronto, is not a good team, it's a great team. ITEX Toronto has been a finalist or winner of ITEX Franchise Office of the Year every year since 2009 and was awarded the distinction again in 2014. Michael enjoy's playing hockey and baseball and spending time with his family, puppy Charlie, his wife Natasha and his pride and joy, his son, Cole.