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ITEX will deliver

new business

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Most businesses have slow moving inventory, unscheduled time, or under-utilized capacity.

For more than 40 years ITEX has been helping small businesses turn those Non-Productive Assets into new sales, with new customers.

Join 1,000's of businesses across hundreds of industries using ITEX.

Some Key Membership Advantages

Make a Sale

Accept ITEX dollars for your sales to ITEX business members bringing you new customers to grow your business. and ITEX Mobile are available 24/7 to serve your needs.

Make a Purchase

Use ITEX dollars for business and personal purchases with members across the country, saving you cash.


To help optimize your ITEX membership, ITEX professionals assist you in making sales and purchases on a local and national level. and ITEX Mobile also available 24/7 to serve your needs.

How It Works

Curious to know how things work around here? We've got you covered with our "How It Works" video! It's like a fun tour guiding you through our platform's ins and outs.

Benefit From Our

Easy To Use Platform.

Preferred by forward-thinking businesses, ITEX has the largest community for B2B cashless transactions

With ITEX you can

Gain new sales for your unfilled time, excess capacity or inventory with new customers, at full retail.

Spend your earned ITEX dollars with thousands of participating members, thus reducing your cash costs.

Benefit from record keeping services for expediting and simplifying the transaction process.

Case Studies & Testimonals

Hear firsthand experiences from delighted customers who achieved remarkable results. Be inspired and become a part of our growing community today!
Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration Case Study Image
Curvy Road Case Study Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common queries about our products/services. We've compiled essential information to enhance your experience. Can't find what you need? Contact our team for support
How will the ITEX Marketplace help my company?
ITEX members enjoy many benefits. The three primary benefits:
  • New business/sales opportunities.
  • Conservation of valuable cash flow by using ITEX dollars instead of cash to get the products and services needed from other members of the ITEX Marketplace.
  • Competitive edge over your competition.
How does the ITEX Marketplace work?
Member businesses buy and sell products and services with one another utilizing the unique medium of the ITEX dollar, instead of cash.
What can I sell?
You can sell virtually anything legal in the ITEX Marketplace, from excess inventory, unfilled space (those rooms or tables that are not reserved), to extra time (those lag times between assignments).
With whom can I buy and sell?
You can buy from, and sell to, any of our thousands of member businesses.
Is the ITEX Marketplace for consumers or businesses?
The ITEX Marketplace is a venue designed to facilitate non-cash transactions between businesses. Individuals can also participate in the Marketplace.
How much does it cost?
  • 6% (cash) Transaction fee when the member (customer) sells or buys.
  • $25 cash + 10 ITEX dollars monthly (every 4 weeks).

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