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If you wanted to buy advertising, printing, a kitchen, lighting, a vacation, a new sign or perhaps a copy machine, and you could either write a check, or trade an equal amount of products or services for the expenses...

....what would you rather do?

Most businesses would rather barter and conserve their cash.  Bartering saves cash and creates a transaction that otherwise might not occur. But one on one barter is difficult, most trades are unequal or unfair. So what's the solution?

The answer is ITEX Barter Canada, Canada's largest barter exchange. Here at ITEX Toronto our award-winning team has created and established a tradition of high performance service and results with an outstanding team of individuals who continuously perform at a very high level for our members. Assisting our members with bringing them new customers and sales revenue that they would otherwise not receive and helping them save cash on expenses for their business or personal use has enabled us to experience constant and consistent growth year over year, which continues to serve our existing membership well. The vast majority of our members are in the Toronto and surrounding area, however we also have members from all over Canada and the US.

The premise is simple. We promote your offerings, as you define them and at the rate in which you wish, to our other existing member businesses. Could be new product offers, services, excess inventory, remnant media availability, hotel vacancy or something else. As you accept sales, you receive ITEX dollars in your ITEX barter account. You can then use this credit for other expenses you might have ie. advertising, printing, marketing, home goods and services, vacations, signage, travel, office needs, cleaning, building maintenance and so much more with any of our members.

The net effect: New customers and revenues and conserved cash by spending ITEX dollars instead of cash dollars.

Contact us today and find out if ITEX Barter Canada is right for you and your business. We'll consult with you about your business and see how and where ITEX can be beneficial for you.

To open your account today and get started, simply sign up online here at itex.com 

Once your account is active, a representative from ITEX Barter Canada will contact you to give you a brief orientation and get you started with your first transaction!

Also, check out our google and glassdoor reviews, we are proud of our team, our clients and the work we do and achievements we reach every day!






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