Why To Do Lists matter to me

Why To Do Lists matter to me

Posted: 07-May-2018

On my day off, my wife always has a list for me. This is her way of feeling good and my way of making sure I do everything and I don't get in trouble for doing something I'm not supposed to.

Lesson #1 - "To do" lists are the best thing ever invented. The trick is to do the hardest items first. Then, she comes home and does the inspections.

Lesson #2 - Inspect what you expect. 
Both great tools for your business.

Some members' find using ITEX dollars a simple process. Earn them - spend them. Others are a little more challenged. (We all have issues!) They need an "ITEX To Do List".

There are 5 things on this list.
1. Manage what you sell. You control the sales you make. Offer the items that generate the best margins for you. Price things fairly as you're connecting with another business owner that may well generate new future cash customers for you.

2. Look for recurring expenses within your business; items that take place on a regular basis in running your business. Printing, signage, advertising, employee incentives. Once you have ITEX vendors in place, spending takes care of it self.

3. Plan in advance for non-recurring expenses. Copiers, phone systems, major building repairs. You need multiple quotes (which you should get for any non-recurring expense, ITEX or not.)

4. Refer new members to your ITEX franchisee. You gain in multiple ways. 
 You help build the local ITEX membership and every new member gives more businesses a reason to belong. 
 You get $60 in cash fees waived - 3 cycles of the cash association fee. 
 You have a new business that will sell to and buy from you.

5. Enhance your lifestyle. We're all small businesses. Part of the benefit of having your own business is that you can use your business revenues to meet personal needs. Get the family involved and you'll find plenty to spend ITEX dollars on.

My wife loves it when I complete items on her To Do List for me. You will love it when you can check off and ITEX To Do, and so will your businesses bottom-line!

I look forward to working and collaborating with you! :) It's about community, working together and being successful! Let's do it!