Why I use the Hallmark Method!

Why I use the Hallmark Method!

Posted: 07-May-2018

So.....why does Hallmark Cards make money-selling greeting cards? It's a great question to think about it..isn't it?

I think it's largely because they allow each of us to show extra appreciation and support to those around us.

So...what does this have to do with your ITEX network? Which is also another great question isn't it?... :)

The key phrase is "support to those around us!" 
Most of the growth of ITEX comes through referrals from current members. Probably not much different than the growth of your own business. And with ITEX it's even more essential that growth come from referrals as you can have a very definite and positive influence on the business owner in understanding and accepting the ITEX concept.

Referrals may be companies you've worked with in the past or simply a company that's in your same building, on your same block, or one you know from a networking group. They may not be someone that you want to do business with but someone else in the network might need a new member that you refer. When they serve another member, more members are available to sell you things you want. And the growth and trading options for everyone become exponential.

ITEX supports the referral concept with an incentive; for every referral you provide that opens an account with ITEX, your cash Association fees are waived for 3 cycles! That is a direct reduction of your Association fees by $60 cash. Provide two referrals and they're waived for 6 cycles saving you $120 cash and so on.

You expand your trading options and save on your Association fees and the new member now enjoys the benefits of the ITEX network. The opportunity to sell to new customers, generating new sources of revenue, building new relationships and conserving their cash as they buy goods and services with their ITEX dollars.

Now that's a world where we support those around us! :)


ITEX Barter Canada Team