Using ITEX to Generate Cash Business

Using ITEX to Generate Cash Business

Posted: 07-May-2018

Isn't that what we all want? More cash business! 

Trading through ITEX can accomplish this in a number of ways. Review these ideas to see what you can do.

Come up with some of your own!

..........Good word of mouth grows business. 
Treat a customer right and you'll have him for life. I know most of our members enjoy additional cash business through referrals from ITEX transactions. When you have an ITEX customer, treat him like a cash customer with good service and fair pricing. You will find that they return to you in the future . cash or ITEX!

..........Advertising can be expensive! 
Advertising with ITEX dollars is the double-edged benefit of trading. You sell your excess capacity or slower moving goods to ITEX members and can spend those new ITEX dollars for advertising (magazines/radio/newspaper/direct mail) that generates new cash customers. Try something on the fringe of your ad budget. Using ITEX is a great way to test programs. And the Co-op Program can pay you back 50% of your cost!

..........Employee incentives purchased with ITEX dollars can motivate your team to sell or service more. 
It could be the immediate gift of a restaurant certificate, a longer-term bonus like a vacation, or simply a catered lunch after achieving a goal. Business can be fun, and profitable, for everyone if you make it so.

.........Signage sells. 
Whether it is on your vehicles, on your building, or in your office, signage creates an identity for you and your staff. Buy signage through ITEX. Lots of it!

.........How are your products/services being presented? What does your brochure look like? Your website? Your photos? Your graphics? Stay current with your marketing tools through ITEX.

We might not have all of these services in your particular area, but we have some of them in all areas. Share ideas with your Trade Director and start growing your cash business - with ITEX!

One power washing company owner told us that he loves and does as many ITEX jobs as he can, because it gets an average of 3 new cash job for each one! How? Those ITEX jobs take him into new territories and neighborhoods. Upon arrival he puts up an A frame sign board with his company name and information by his truck. And he attaches a flyer to every door in the neighborhood with an offer to clean their decks, driveways, etc. Bingo! An average of 3 new cash customers every time!

Cash from an ITEX job. Life is sweet! :)


ITEX Barter Canada Team