Is "acting on opportunities" really going to help grow and expand my business?

Is "acting on opportunities" really going to help grow and expand my business?

Posted: 11-May-2018

We think "acting on opportunities" is THE key to successfully growing a business. You would not be where you are if you failed to act on past opportunities. Some worked out, and some didn't. But an entrepreneur continually watches for and acts when opportunities present themselves.

We all know businesses that show up when they say they will, and those that don't. Those that call when they say they will, and those that don't. Those that care and those that don't. Who will you do business with when given the choice? We place our business everyday with those we trust to react to our needs.

As we watch for opportunities we can either be stumbling blocks or building blocks. Stumbling blocks are those that see the glass as half empty, building blocks know it's half full and it's their favorite beverage! When a business acts on opportunities transactions happen and everyone benefits.

The secret is about acting on every opportunity that makes the difference. If you're good at this, if you focus, if it's a daily routine, you won't need to worry about the growth of your business. It will grow because you act on opportunities.

So....what does this have to do with ITEX?
Why is it that some member's trade frequently and others rarely do? That some find opportunities and others don't? The same options are there for everyone. It's a matter of acting on options, thinking beyond the everyday needs. 

  1. It's like buying logo t-shirts for your team in the winter because the shirt company is busy with cash business in the summer. 
  2. It's lining up your company party months in advance so you know you will get what you want. 
  3. It's getting updated office equipment from today's offerings even though you weren't planning on it until sometime later down the road.

The ITEX Marketplace, the HotSheets that are emailed out, our Facebook and Instagram pages, the phone call to find out what's new, attending ITEX events, adding members of your team to the information flow so they know and understand ITEX and are fully prepared to help you look for and find opportunities. It's all of these activities that lay opportunities in front of you.

Then you have to decide to react today, to what is available today, so you can consummate a transaction by acting on the opportunities - Today!

The world is full of opportunities. The ITEX Marketplace is full of opportunities. And both worlds are waiting for you to ACT! :)


ITEX Barter Canada Team