How good are you at managing a project?

How good are you at managing a project?

Posted: 31-May-2018

I heard a speaker talking about Project Management once upon a time. He addressed the primary concerns when managing any project - computer upgrades, a new building, launching a new product or improving customer service. The key considerations he was proposing through his example were Time, Quality and Cost.  I thought it a good reminder about how we should approach projects within our businesses....

  • How much time do we have? 
  • What quality do we want to enjoy or provide?
  • How much is the budget? 

The same concepts apply to how you interact with your ITEX Trade Director.  They serve your needs when you come to them.

  • Can they meet your time constraints?
  • Your quality expectations?
  • Can they help you work within your budget?

All ITEX purchases can be evaluated using these ideas and questions.

Timing - Meeting a member's immediate need is sometimes tough as ITEX is not the first priority for most businesses; although we are amazed at how many times Trade Directors are able to provide a vendor to handle an immediate need. When possible, the more lead-time you can give your Trade Director to work with, the better the odds are that you'll be able to fulfill your needs through the ITEX Marketplace. This takes planning and watching our weekly offerings to take advantage of items when they are available as opposed to when you might need them.  Buy What's Available Today! 

Quality - Quality can be a challenge with any vendor, cash or ITEX. The good news is that other members have referred most ITEX members - and this can speed up your own due diligence process.  As well, the buyer is always protected to some degree through the arbitration process offered by ITEX. But as in any purchase, the buyer always needs to be careful to get what they ordered and settle for nothing less.

Cost - There's nothing better than buying something with ITEX dollars. For most, this element will out-weigh the 'timing' issue. ITEX saves your cash flow and, with your understanding and consideration of the cost of your ITEX dollars as a part of your decision process you can significantly reduce the actual cash cost of the item - a powerful benefit.

Every project takes management. And we often refer to ITEX projects as the mirrored image of the cash world. In the cash world you work hard at generating a new customer, and spend little time thinking about where you'll spend your money. The ITEX world is just the opposite. Generating ITEX revenues is typically easy while using ITEX dollars is where the work comes. The good news is that we are here to help you through this process.

Manage all projects by allocating enough time, never sacrifice quality, and always work toward incorporating ITEX in your budget to reduce your cast costs.  ITEX Business is Smart Business!


ITEX Barter Canada Team