Have you been maximizing your ITEX benefits?

Have you been maximizing your ITEX benefits?

Posted: 16-Aug-2018

My wife reminds me daily about how I have to improve my communication, including listening skills. Obviously this made me think about business. We all know how important communication is with our customers and our staff. Communication is especially important if we're going to help maximize our efforts.  And yet we are all such poor communicators! 

We need to communicate with you to maximize ITEX benefits. Can we talk?

1. What You Need to Know

Does everyone in your organization understand the why, when, who and how you work through ITEX?  Understanding brings confidence and support for your efforts. 

Does everyone understand the goals of getting new customers, generating new revenue, conserving your cash and how ITEX transactions can lead to new cash sales?

Does everyone understand the leverage you gain by using ITEX dollars for purchases?

 2. Who Needs to Know

I don't know about you but my ideas aren't the only ones generated for my business. The best ideas often come from my staff. Sometimes I just have to get out of the way! Your staff needs to know current goals and objectives, and understand how the team can maximize opportunities. This IS communication.

  •  Are you the only one that makes ITEX selling or purchasing decisions?
  • Does someone else provide you with marketing ideas that could possibly be acquired through ITEX?
  • Because many of our offerings are for personal needs, does your spouse know about ITEX and receive our promotions?
  • Who should be in the information flow?

 3. Timing

Timing is everything. This is especially true with ITEX purchases. Advance notice of your needs is critical, so we can alert you immediately when a new offer matches your needs and then getting your quick and decisive response when opportunities pop up.

  • What recurring expenses do you have that could be paid through ITEX?
  • What one time purchases are you planning this year - is there an ITEX vendor?
  • What are your needs 90 days from now?
  • What are your physical needs and plans?
  • What emergency or surprise expenses will you suffer this year?
  • What are your plans to grow your business or incentivize your staff?

Talk to your Trade Director often. Help us help you - communicate with your team and then - get out of the way! 


ITEX Barter Canada Team