Do You Enjoy Saving Cash And Vacationing?

Do You Enjoy Saving Cash And Vacationing?

Posted: 20-Apr-2018


Why do you work? To build the business? And then what? You've got to get out of town!

For your business travel, as an employee perk, or a family weekend away, ITEX travel is a great option for you. As the only true national barter network, ITEX travel has unprecedented offerings in the ITEX Marketplace and through our Trade Directors.  No, we don't have national chains, airfare, a national car rental company, or any cruise ships, nor can we access NYC on New Year's Eve and yet we book thousands of travelers every year!  Open your eyes to the world of options.  Some general guidelines to help you succeed in your travel plans:

Advance notice - the sooner we look for something, the sooner we'll be able to let you know if there are options. That being said, many properties will not accept bookings sooner than 60 days in advance. We always recommend that you contact us but have back up options in place.

We are not a travel agency - but we try. Your Trade Director goes the extra step in guiding you to a successful trip, coordinating limo services, restaurants and entertainment options when available at your travel destination, and, most importantly, we try to provide a comprehensive understanding of the property where we're placing you. Travel is difficult enough and your satisfaction is our goal.

Be flexible. I know this isn't easy when planning travel, but many times, adjusting by a few days for arrival or departure can make all the difference in securing a property for your needs.

Pricing is typically at rate card. Properties manage their capacity on a daily basis. This is what creates the websites. However, through ITEX and all other trade exchanges, rate card is the norm, no special discounts apply. Taxes and incidentals are due in cash.

There are no additional booking fees - Although some exchange groups charge for the travel service, as it's a time consuming process, ITEX has no additional fees.

Sounds limiting? Here's what some of our traveling members have said:

"I took a hunting trip to Argentina. Once in a lifetime!" - CEO of a plumbing company

"Our honeymoon to Mexico was fabulous. Couldn't have done it without ITEX" - Landscaper

"The week-end away to Gatlinburg is just what the family needed."  Furniture company

"Toronto in the summertime, the room was beautiful and we used ITEX for some restaurants as well. We'll go again next year." Owner of a jewelry store.

Luxury resorts, timeshare offerings, private boutique hotels, B&B's, from Toronto to San Diego,Utah to Mexico, within driving distance or provinces away, we'll make every effort to make your time away a reality.  Call us, and we'll keep the light on for you.


ITEX Barter Canada Team