Did you know you always have options?

Did you know you always have options?

Posted: 15-May-2018

In business you have all kinds of options.

Ask a question and many options immediately present themselves, for example: You can increase or decrease prices. You can increase or decrease expenses. You can increase or decrease your services. You can increase or decrease advertising.

Every one of these actions can have a positive or a negative outcome. It's important that we understand this and carefully consider both possible outcomes when implementing a new idea and then Test and Measure the result!

Was there a change in outcome? If there was no change then you can decide if you like the new way or want to return to the old. Was there a positive change? That means you need to make the new way an ongoing part of your business. Was there a negative change? Stop the presses! Go back to the old way, give your business some more thought and implement another new idea. Testing and Measuring every step of the way.

As an ITEX member you have even more options.

  1. How much ITEX business can you or should you do? 
  2. When you are contemplating any expenditure for your business should you just pay cash or should you explore using ITEX dollars instead? 
  3. Will you use your new liquid currency, ITEX dollars, exclusively in your business or will you use them to enhance your lifestyle too?
  4. When deciding to make a new ITEX sale what are some ideas to ponder?You are making a sale to a new customer. That person is a business owner and as such has a very large circle of influence. Should that fact impact the way I interact with the ITEX member.
  5. The new ITEX sale brings new revenue into your business adding to your gross revenue by adding ITEX dollars to your cash sales instead of replacing cash sales. This gives you the  opportunity to use the new ITEX dollars to make purchases and conserve your cash. Is that a valuable event for you?

Does it free up cash for other projects, investments or retained profits? Do you actively work your ITEX relationship or do you lay back and just let your Trade Director do it all for you? The active you are the most success you will have.

Do you use the ITEX Co-op Program? We bring you new customers that pay you in ITEX dollars, you use them to buy advertising from all types of media in the Marketplace to attract more cash business and by following the program rules ITEX will pay you back 50% of the cost or your ad! New revenue = ads = new cash sales + 50% back = WIN!!

There are a multitude options that are at your service! We want you succeed! Connect with us today and let us help you succeed!


ITEX Barter Canada Team